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You are a Survivor

You are a survivor! No matter the conditions life brings you, you can find ways to adapt. Even in the most harsh conditions, you are capable of thriving. The sun, of course, is central to your life as well as all that exists on this planet, and there is no place that experiences this intense power than in the desert. Covering a third of earth’s surface, the desert is one know for extreme heat by day and cold temperatures at night with scares supplies of water. Still, this life-threatening habitat is home to a variety of plant and animal life. In many ways, the desert environment is quite fascinating with its diverse ecosystem. We can learn a great deal from these resilient creatures if we take a closer look.

Think about the kinds of situations you encounter in your life. I'm sure many of them are challenging and you could use a few tips on how to best cope. Could you be like a cactus and develop ‘tough skin’ to shield you from the harmful words and actions of others? Like the laughter of a hyena, are you a able to find humor in situations that might bring others to tears? Can you mimic a Jackrabbit and be prepared to change course at a moments notice? And, let's not forget about the camel that can teach you that the strength you have gained from past experiences will sustain you in all that you may face. The living things around us have evolved to adapt to even the harshest surroundings. You can too!

To learn more about how to cope as demonstrated from some of the most resilient creatures, you may appreciate the book "Life's Desert".

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