Dr. Susan Finelli-Genovese (writing as S. Finelli) is passionate about writing, illustrating, and educating students and readers with her series, Life Books. She hopes to use her talents to share some of life’s lessons and inspire people around the globe.


Many of her books have received the Mom's Choice Award:

  • Life's Amusement Park in 2010

  • Life's Classroom in 2014

  • Life's Ocean in 2016

  • Life's Garden in 2017

  • Life's Feathers in 2018

  • Life's Desert in 2019

Life Books is honored to be recognized for excellence in family-friendly media!


Susan worked as an educator in public schools for 15 years. She also has experience as a curriculum facilitator and was an active tech coach for Pre-K-12 teachers and administrators. Susan is currently a professor at Baldwin Wallace University in the field of educational technology.


In Susan's free time, she enjoys cooking and has followed a vegetarian diet for over 30 years. She believes in a holistic approach to health and happiness. She deeply enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and the unconditional love of her Boxer, Cleo.  More than ever, she realizes how precious our time on earth really is and found that being mindful of this every day is what makes life blessed.