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Vision Boards

There is something exciting about flipping the calendar to the start of a new year. With the change in date comes the opportunity to obtain a fresh mindset. We are challenged to leave the past and look forward to new beginnings. Making resolutions is one way to make such a change; however, these types of 'intentions' tend to be short-lived. A more productive measure would be to craft yourself a vision board. A vision board is a place to gather some of your grandest goals, ideas, and wishes for your life going forward.

Vision boards can be done on a digital platform where you add photos, graphics, and text. Or, for those of you who are more 'hands-on creative', it can be designed on paper with pictures cut out from magazines as well as clip art and photographs that you print off from the internet. Are there vacations that you hope to take? Items that you wish you could afford to purchase? How about goals for your health (body, mind, and spirit)? Find images that resonate with you and add them to your board in the form of a collage. Add phrases and powerful text like "Dream", "Success", "Gratitude", and "Abundance" to make your collection even more powerful. Creating these things as 'visuals' that you can look at each day will set you on the path to manifestation.

Many a successful person can attest to the value of having a vision board hanging in their home or office, and many are excited when what they have included on their boards come to fruition. If you want the company, plan some time to create these boards with family or friends. The fun and the laughter in sharing ideas with each other will be memorable. Frame your finished piece if you'd like or just pin it to the refrigerator or a bulletin board. The important thing is that it is in a place you will be on a daily basis and that you remember to look at it often. Then, before you realize that you are subconsciously forging new paths and adopting new mindsets, dreams start to come true! ;)

For vision board ideas, check out a few I've gathered on Pinterest!

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