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The Skies Are Filled With Messages!

According to the Native Americans, we can learn a great deal from birds. By acknowledging their individual totems, we honor their subtle messages. When a bird appears in your life, pay attention to its color, size, shape, and behavior to help interpret its presence. Every bird is unique, and all aspects of its characteristics are symbolic. When and where the bird emerges, as well as the sounds that it makes , all add to its spiritual significance. Be observant of the skies and especially the trees.

The message of the sparrow is to realize your self-worth, no matter how insignificant you may sometimes feel. Be willing to work hard for what you want. Small efforts, done consistently, can lead to great accomplishments.

If a crow flies into your life, pay attention to your instincts and of the signs around you. These may be guiding you in your next steps. Be aware of the power of your thoughts and realize their significance with what manifests in your life.

The woodpecker is an attention-grabber. When you hear one knocking, you can bet there is an opportunity waiting for you. This can be the start of a project or venture. It can also mean you’ll soon connect with someone new.

Spotting a cardinal is reminiscent of the importance of spiritual connections. Learn to respect others and to work through disagreements before they become a bigger problem. In doing so you will avoid undo stress in your life.

Although a hawk is occasionally harassed by smaller birds, it can easily fly to a higher level in order to avoid them. At that higher altitude, they cannot be touched. The message of the hawk acknowledges that others may attack your own ability to soar. Like the hawk, you can simply rise to a higher level in your thinking.

No matter the bird, these feathered creatures are sure to bring meaning and wisdom to your life if you are open to the possibilities. Like all of nature, these feathered creatures can guide us in our lives if we take the time to listen.

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